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Tips on cats

1 2 3 Tips on cats Cats are companions that suit many lifestyle. Even if they might be independents, cats only want to be pampered and snuggled. Just like dogs, each type of cat has its own personality. With adequate care and healthy food, your fluff ball can live up...

Tips on dogs

1 2 3 For a long time, dogs have been considered as men’s best friend partly because of their loyalty and authenticity. He is a faithful companion that will melt your heart. However, before getting a dog, you must think about its lifestyle and yours in the long...

Tips on birds

1 2 3 Birds can live several years and are marvelous companions. They entertain with their signing and their presence. If your are interested in getting a little feathery friend, come and see us, we can advise you amongst the many species that we have in store. Choose...

Tips on fish

1 2 3 How to choose your fish ? The first step before choosing your fish is testing your tap water (pH, Gh). To adapt your water for your fish is much more difficult and require more equipment and verifications. Once you know your water features and have chosen your...

Tips on small animals

1 2 3 Small animals like rodents have many perks including their size and their very interesting lifestyle. They can awaken curiosity and a sense of responsibility in young children. However, their handling is still a delicate business. Therefore, the emotional...